The Epistle to the Hebrews is often looked upon as difficult thus expositional studies of it from the start to the end are difficult to find.  It has many highlights, such as the faith chapter (11)  and is often used as a point ofcross-reference and doctrinal support.  The book as a whole, though, is clearly one of the most thorough explanations of God's fulfilled plan in Christ.  Its intricate details, once studied and reviewed produce an awe in the learner.  It is not a study to be feared or to be looked upon as tedious, but rather a study into the magnificence of God's working and precision.  It alters the thinking, rebukes the immature, perplexes the skeptic, challenges the unmotivated and solidifies the faithful.  Most importantly, It places the Lord Jesus Christ in His rightful position above all others, directing the object of our faith on Him and His perfect work.


It was written to Jewish believers who were being persecuted on many sides and were in a place to question their faith and what they had been taught regarding Christ.  All that they had grown-up with, traditions, practices, teachings and friends were suddenly overturned with these new truths they were being taught and led into.  They had expected to see the return of Christ and it was now 20 years later and things were getting worse.  Many were being tempted and encouraged to return to their traditions and beliefs as well as the friends and families they had been separated from.  They desperately needed encouragement and a reassurance that their faith was founded in a solid foundation.  How could they know that Christianity was right?  How could they be sure that what they were suffering was of value?


All of this and more is addressed in detail through explanation.  The end result being a firm faith, resolved endurance and an awe at the working of God through their history, leading them to an anticipation of their future.  All is focused upon the supremacy of Christ who is the "author and perfecter of our faith" (12:2)



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