2 Peter

The Second Epistle of Peter has had much debate over the centuries as to its genuine authorship.  Most of the debate has been, at best, just doubt.  Most likely, it was written by Peter with the use of another scribe (Silas being the scribe for First Peter).  It appears to have been written to the same group as before and is shortly before his death.  He stresses several points in this short letter including living a life that reflects your faith, dealing with false teachers, the dangers of being mislead and then the coming of the Lord.  "Living in the Last Days" carries with it a couple key ideas.  First of all, the shortness of time.  Our lives are too short and this world too temporal to be caught up in its allegiances.  It also points out  that we have been living in the last days since Christ.  God is timeless and His coming is imminent (could come at any time).  As we clarified in the study of First Peter, we run in parallel with the end not towards it…so we are to live accordingly:  soberly, seriously focused!



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